{Re} Happening on March 31st, a Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center event

Lake Eden, Camp Rockmont’s Location: North Lodge-at 3:30, 6:30, and 8:30

fireWall : 1. person, thing, or event that acts as a barrier; to block, inhibit, prevent.  A multi-media performance created collaboratively by dancers Shari Azar, Mikhale Sherrill, Kathy Leiner, and the audience. This movement piece uses choice and chance to explore barriers, vulnerability, and to question how our exposure or anonymity affects our actions.

March 2, 3, 4

Women’s Work: A Weekend of Contemporary Dance Works by Female Choreographers

Co-hosted by KML and Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre

March 2 &  3, 7:30 and March 4, 6:00


Asheville Fringe Arts Festival:  Open-Handed, Installation and Performance

Installation January 21, 26, 27, 28 12:00- 5:00 and Performance January 26, 27, 28, Performance 5:00 pm

Class series hosted by Dance Lab. Call 828-215-2410 for more information. This series highlights some of the process leading up to the January performance of Open-Handed.

Installation preview January 21st 12:00- 5:00

January 26, 27, 28, Asheville Fringe Arts Festival:  Upstairs of Henco, 54 1/2 Broadway                                  Installation 12:00-5:00 &  Performance 5:00


  1. (of a blow) delivered with the palm of the hand.
  2. giving freely; generous.                                                                                                                      Open-Handed is a response to the walls that separate us and the concept that our ability to connect or divide community is in our own hands. Stories of conflict and connection in a multi-media installation and movement performance by Kathy Leiner in collaboration with dancers Shari Azar, Elizabeth Huntley, Melissa Wilhoit Hugo, and Mikhale Sherrill.


September 21st, 2017, 11:30-12:00: Movement Meditation for Peace. Join us in celebration of the International Day of Peace, Downtown Asheville, behind Vance Monument culminating with a moment of silence at noon.

JULY 2-30th, Summer Session at Wilson College Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and Visual Art.

Kathleen will be creating and performing as part of her MFA work at Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA. Stay tuned for showing and performance times.

JUNE 2nd, 6:30. The Asheville Art Museum Gallery on the Slope

Moving Voices, collaborative multimedia performance. A response to the Hear Our Voice exhibit’s powerful graphic works now on view in the Gallery On the Slope. This exploration of the voice as expressed through movement recognizes the power of the creative process and honors the diversity found in the body as our artistic instrument. Conceived and Directed by KML. Choreographic collaboration for live performance with Jenni Cockrell and Mikhale Sherrill. Video concept and direction by KML with choreography contributions by Asheville dancers.

MAY 9th, 11th, 12th at 7:00 & 8:30 and the 13th at 2:00 & 3:30. Graham Theater, Asheville School

Student Work: Asheville School Presents, Fragments of Frankenstein, an immersive performance with original music score, dance, installation, poetry and adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Production Director, performance and installation co-director, co-script adaptation, co-design on lighting and costume design and construction by KML. (more photos)

FEBRUARY 23rd & 24th at 7:15 and 25th at 2:30. Graham Theater, Asheville School

Student Work:  Asheville School Presents The Mystery of Edwin Drood, co-directed by John Crawley, Kathleen Meyers Leiner and Jason Williams. Choreography, costume design and construction, set dressing and props, and assist with set deign- KML. (more photos)


3 performances: Friday Jan 27 and Saturday night, Jan 28 at 7 pm , and Sunday January 29 at 4pm.


Shadow House, a trace of remembrance
Solo installation/performance work by choreographer Kathleen Meyers Leiner

verb: find or discover by investigation.
noun: a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something

This work immerses the audience into the question of perception as it traces the traces of the past and explores the shadows of what is left behind in space and time.


WORKSHOP: Sunday January 29th: For more information call 828-215-2410


PERFORMANCE: HappenChance, An Exploration into Unknown Interiors

Performed DECEMBER 3, 2016 7:30 @ Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center

HappenChance Trailer

Task at Hand, a mini documentary of the process and performance of HappenChance