I choreograph, teach, facilitate, perform, and collaborate in academic and professional settings. Works are for the stage, museums, private and public events, site-specific spaces, and immersive environments. Interdisciplinary explorations incorporate a variety of curriculum through dance, visual art, installation work, and video. My workshops are designed to facilitate movement exploration through structured inquiry and improvisation as a way to engage community and craft performance experiences. The goal becomes engagement, an invitation to be present in time and space, and to connect with the experience of art on an emotional level.

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(Moving Voices, Asheville Art Museum Pop-Up Gallery)


(HappenChance, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center )


(Graham Theater, Asheville School, photo by Blake Madden)

557065_10201708133455481_625512233_n(Wilson College SUPA Choreographer’s Workshop)


(Fragments of Frankenstein)

(Led into the Inferno)

(Poppies,Graham Theater Asheville School)


(Asheville River Sculpture Festival)

(dis-connect, Asheville Fringe Arts Festival photo shoot, Dustin Spagnola)